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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Candy Apple Red

Our first purchases....

When we decided to start this venture we literally the next day went out and looked for pieces of furniture that were in good shape, made of wood, and had good bones to paint and make into something pretty, vintage inspired, chic inspired, or where ever our creative minds took us. We stopped at the Goodwill and picked up this television stand. After contemplating about what to do with it we decided to strip it, paint in a candy Apple red, put baskets in place of drawers, and add some cute new door knobs. It now looks adorable. It's a touch of chic with a vintage and quirky vibe. This one was hard to let go but it had to be done.

Picked this up for 4o bucks. It was alot to pay I know but it was in mint condition and all wood. Which is hard to find anymore. The drawers were in perfect shape and had great detailing. After about an hour of drivng around in search for other goodies we drove through a junk yard when an old man stopped us to tell us one drawer was about to fall out and the other was missing. We were steaming. Who would load this front facing out???? A Goodwill employee that's who and yet we were also to blame for not even noticing. Oops...Lesson learned for sure.  So we back tracked all over on busy roads, down alley's, in search for this drawer. Finally...there in a bunch of pieces lays the (in once great condition) drawer. We shed a few tears and then thought baskets would actually look cuter. LOL. It was so Serendipitous. ; )
 Painted it a Candy Apple Red from Home Depot. We  Decided on one coat because the way the grain of the wood seeped through into the red paint looked so pretty. Painted the inside of the basket slots though here it was not yet done as you can see and painted the insides of the cupboards the red as well. Added some vintage looking yellow owl door knobs and fell in love from there.

 Here it is all finished and painted and coated. Sitting pretty in our booth. Anxious to see when it sells.
Hope you enjoyed this tid bit....Until Next time....

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