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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Flea Market Favorites...

 Hey Guys! Well, we recently went over to our booth to assess things and get organized and every time we go we take a walk through. Flea Markets are so much fun! Yes, there can be lots of junk found but there can also be great treasures found. We found a few on our recent trip that we would like to share with you all. We decided to start a regular post on our favorite finds at flea markets, goodwills, thrift stores, antique shops, and consignment stores out here in the wild west whenever we are out and on the hunt.

We hope you are all having a wonderful day and maybe  upcycling some goodies or crafting up a storm. Take a minute and come check out some cool  flea market favorites this week....

Check out this beautiful wall hanging. We are not sure who it was done by but it's located at Bart's Flea Market in Laramie,Wyoming in booth #4.

                                                                The Cowboy Girls
 We just fell in love! It's like a scrapbook but turned into a beautiful, vintage, western  wall hanging. It tells a story in such a unique way! We thought what a great concept. How awesome would it be to make something like this full of childhood memoires for your children to keep? Instead of a scrapbook a beautiful wall hanging?
 Vintage cowgirl photos, brooches, paper, stitching, buttons, fabric, burnt pieces of cardboard maybe? So much thought and creativity went into this. It has cute little quotes said by strong women of the cowboy days throughout.

"I ain't afraid to wear a dress, I ain't afraid to wear britches. I ain't afraid of nothin." Martha
 "Sometimes I hold a gun and sometimes I hold a man. Either way it's dangerous" quote
 AhhhhhhhMAZING! "When I need money I rob a train. Heck...the boys do it all the time." Pearl. The quote on the wall hanging.
"I thought about being a lady and then they told me I couldn't curse" quote from wall hanging.
We just loved everything about this. It's seems to tell a story about the strong women in the days of cowboys and Indians and yet done in such a feminine way. We are a fan!

Here's another cute little idea from the same booth. My 9 year old daughter loves making these fabric yoyos. In fact she whips them up like there's no tomorrow. We haven't figured out what to do with them, but we saw this and thought what a cute idea. Another great find at booth #4 at Barts Flea Market in Laramie, Wyoming.
 A cute little turtle of yoyos. Would love to have a ladybug or bumblebee one.

Lastly...We have eyeballed this beauty since spring. It's an old garden tools machine of some sort. It was in the back and we are unsure of who to give credit to for this quirky find but we appreciate it and all it's glory. We thought it would be so cute in the front yard of a beautiful landscaped house that had some room to spare. The design of it, the color, the lines are all so neat. It instantly takes you back in time. Another one We LOVE!

Well I hope you enjoyed these awesome flea market finds which are all  located at Barts Flea Market in Laramie, Wyoming. Check them out if you can.

Until Next Time,

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