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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Beach Cottage Inspired Upcycle

Hey guys! It's me Kimberly again. Thought I'd share the newest piece for the Prairie Sisters booth. It's a side table from the Goodwill. All wood, dovetailed, granite ( I think?) on top, and in perfect condition. The price...$15. Yes, I know right???? Such a score. I went to Lowes picked up a color I've been lusting after and spent the entire day working on it. I'm so pleased at how it turned out. If my house was done in this beautiful color I'd probably keep it but......this beauty is going in the booth. It reminds me of  something you'd find at a lovely little beach cottage. I was there, on the sand, with my cute little white knitted sweater reading the latest romance novel as I painted this (in my head of course.) : )

Here's the breakdown............

Sneak Peak...

The before...Great bones, just horribly ugly.

The Process.... Sandpaper, Valspar paint in Woodlawn Valley Haze in Satin. By far my favorite color I've used. I took apart the drawer pulls and added some new ones, gutted it all, cleaned it up and sanded it down. I then primed it and painted every inch. I mean top, bottoms, sides, insides, sides you'll probably never see in your life if you purchase it, but I painted it. Oh yes, yes I did. Why? I got a little excited.
Oops...I started the entire process out on the driveway ( I promise honey) until it started to rain, so I pulled it inside the garage where my husband stores his precious babies. I hope he does not see that this happened.... next to his car. LOL.
 The color...Valspar, Woodlawn Valley Haze in Satin. Far right.
 Before I sanded it. I had to give it some warmth and lived life look. ; )
7 hours and a back ache later this beauty showed up with her glass slippers and all.
The Details...

Cinderella...Yes, I named her. I just so happened to be her Fairy Godmother for the day.
I almost burlapped the top of this but I decided that the (what I think is granite?) was to pretty to cover and it went beautifully with the color I used for the table.
Is that granite? I don't know but it sure looks pretty and it weighs a ton.
Do I have to sell this???? I don't want to but I have no place for it.
I sure am going to shed some tears when this one sells. : ( This is my proudest piece. I'm just so in love with this color and the way the details on the wood came out after sanding it that I can't help but want to keep it. Look for it soon at the PSB booth.

Hope this inspires you all to give a little love to those ugly pieces.

Until Next Time...........

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  1. Visiting from Embracing Change. I love this...the colors, the finishes, the knobs, everything. If I had a beach house this would be the center of attention. Thanks for sharing. Now a new follower. Consider a visit and follow me :)
    thanks, Debbie

    1. Thank you Deborah. I love the beach cottage feel. I will definitely check out your blog. Thanks again.

  2. Wow, this turned out so pretty! You did a wonderful job of distressing too :)

    1. Thank You so much. My favorite part of the entire upcycling process is the distressing. I love it.